SECC 2019 Fall Meeting Notes

The SECC Fall business meeting was held at The River's Edge Resort at the end of Bear Mayhem, August 11th, 2019.  

The date and venue for the Leather Weekend, Contest, and Spring Business Meeting were selected - March 13th - 15, 2020, at:
The River's Edge

2311 Pulliam Mill Road,

Dewy Rose, Georgia 30634

The Mr. and Ms. SECC Leather, and SECC Bootblack contests will be featured!  Join us for a great weekend of cocktails, play, and fun!

Ms. SECC Leather 2019

Our Southeast Conference of Clubs titleholder, Ms. Tori has been out and about representing at numerous events the first half of her title year

Augusta Pride
Augusta Pride
Representing at Augusta Pride 2019
Invited to Judge at
Invited to Judge at
Southeast Alliance of Leather
Judges & crew
Judges & crew
Southeast Aliance of Leather
Bootblack Judging Panel
Bootblack Judging Panel
Southeast Alliance of Leather
Titleholders Represent!
Titleholders Represent!
Southern Coastal States Leather Contest
Getting all judgey again!
Getting all judgey again!
1st Mr. Virginia Leather Contest, w/ Sclena Young, 1st MX Virginia Leather.
Delicious decisions to be made!
Delicious decisions to be made!
Ms SECC Leather 2019 at the 12 Days of Chrsitmas fundraiser in Baltimore

SECC 2019 Spring Meeting & Leather Contest

The SECC Leather Contest was held at Parliament Resort during the weekend of March 22 - 24, 2019.  The event was MC'd by Sir Craig, from Tampa Bay Bondage Club, and was judged by Mr. SECC Leather 2018 - Sea Wolf, SECC Bootblack 2018 - Max, Mr. SECC Leather 2016 - Wolfie, and SE Handler 2015 - Sir Rob.  The attendees had a great time and enjoyed a weekend full of cocktails, travel fund raising and a contest.  Ms. Tori, executive director of the Leather History Preservation Foundation (and SELF Bootblack 2016) did a fine job, and won the Ms SECC Leather 2019 title!

The Spring Meeting was held on Sunday, March 24th, 2019.  Elections were held for the 2019 - 2021 term, and our new officers are:

President - Sir Craig - Tampa Bay Bondage Club

Vice President - Wayne Turpin - Coastal Empire Sentinels

Sgt-At-Arms - Ed Mountain - CSRA Leather Bears

Secretary - Ryan Meyer - CES

Treasurer - Alfred Fuller - All-Jax Leather Club.

New Business Member Rainbow House Coalition was accepted, and Onyx SE returned as a member club!

The date for the Fall Meeting was selected as Aug 11th, 2019, to be held during Bear Mayhem's Aug 9 - 11 event at The River's Edge resort.

SECC 2019 Leather Contest Date Set

During the Fall 2018 meeting of the SECC, held at the end of the CLAWS run, August 24 - 26, the date of the SECC Leather Contest was set for March 22 - 24, 2019.  This will also be the date for the SECC Spring 2019 Meeting and voting for new officers.  The contest and meeting will be held at the Parliament Resort & Metropolis Entertainment Complex in Augusta, Georgia.

2018 SECC Spring Weekend, Contest & Meeting

The 2018 SECC Spring Weekend, Contest, and Meeting was held the weekend of February 16 - 19, at the Parliament Resort in Augusta, Georgia.  The event was well attended with numerour member clubs, business and non-profit members, and others participating in the weekend.  There were cocktails, play parties, meals, and the 2018 SECC Leather Contest.

The contestants for the several SECC titles put themselves out there on the line for us.  The judges were paying close attention as each contestant was given the opportunity to spotlight their skills, their stage presence, and to make their pitch to represent the SECC in the coming year.  Our Master of Ceremonies, Craig, Mr Code 2013, kept the audience entertained and the show moving along.  Tally Master - Timothy Thomas of the Tampa Bay Bondage Club kept us in suspense but the envelopes final came out, and Mr SECC Leather 2018 - Sea Wolf, and SECC Bootblack 2018 - Max, were proclaimed the winners.

On Sunday, February 18th, the Spring Meeting was held.  The SECC is proud to announce that the Georgia Lions were accepted as a Member Club, and Bear Mayhem is our newest business member.  There were bids for the fall meeting location and date, and the winning bid was for August 24 - 26, 2018, at Parliament Resort in Augusta.

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C/O Wayne Turpin

PO Box 12,
Dewey Rose, Ga 30634

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