Judge Bios

2019 Head Judge - Sea Wolf

Sea Wolf has been involved with the leather community since 2002, which started with seeing a porn video called “Slaves in Cage” and he realized that there was a place for his interest in various fetishes and kinks. That same year, he was asked to compete for a local title called Evansville Leatherboy, which lead up to competing for, and winning, Indiana Leatherboy 2002.

Using education as a platform he started to educate people about puppy play, which at the time was his primary interest within the kink and leather communities. Eventually, starting to mentor and helping other pups come “out of their shell” and help watching over pups at other events, he realized that he was starting to come much more of an Alpha, and ultimately realizing that he has transitioned to being a dominant, seeing the joy that a submissive has from receiving a good flogging, or hearing good boy.

Since coming out in the community he has been a presenter at various events including: International LeatherSir/boy, International Community Bootblack, International Puppy Contest, Southeast Leatherfest, and Leather History Conference. He is a full member of the Coastal Empire Sentinels, and an Associate Member of the Panthers L/L Club, Low Country Leather, Tarheel Leather Club, and Board member of the Southeastern Conference of Clubs. He is also the current Mr. SECC Leather 2018.

2019 Judge - Sir Rob Robertson

Sir Rob's leather journey began while he was in the military stationed in Germany. Training was done in the traditional way of starting off as a boy and working up to the ranks of Mister, Daddy, and Sir. Sir Rob is currently Southeast Trainer 2015, the first to hold that title.

He held the Mr. Southern Coastal States Leather from 2000 to 2013, continuing to represent it even after the club disbanded until it formed again and had a new contest. Rob loves helping both boys and pups come to their full potential as they start or continue in their leather journeys. He is a full member of the Coastal Empire Sentinels and an associate member of Low Country Leather, Panthers L/L, and various other clubs across the Southeast.

2019 Judge - Max

Max lives in Winter Garden, FL and has been involved in the leather community for eight years. He was a member of Tampa Leather Club, an associate member of First Coast Leather Society,  co-founder of Arizona Leather Bears and Cubs and founder of Central Florida boys of Leather. He is a current member of the Phoenix boys of Leather as well as a member at large of Coastal Empire Sentinels.

Max has held the titles of Tampa Bay Leatherboy 2013, Florida Leatherboy 2013,  American Leatherboy 2015. He is a member of Mama’s Family as Mama’s Goofy boy. He has been a staff member for several events over the years. He was Coordinator for South Central LeatherSIR/boy, Transportation Coordinator for Florida LeatherSIR/boy, Coordinator for Southwest Leather Bear and Contest Manager for GayDays Leather, and is now Social Media Coordinator for Southeastern Alliance of Leather.

He has always had a huge heart for charity work. He was on the line of succession as Duke the Valero for Reign 24 of the Royal Sovereign and Imperial Court of the Alamo Empire. Max is a Sister with the Orlando Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. He continues to give back by volunteering at events, teaching workshops, organizing events,  mentoring and bootblacking at events. He has loved serving as SECC Bootblack 2018. It gave him the opportunity to really serve the Southeast and share his love of boots with everyone.

2019 Judge - Wolfy

Carlos “Wolfy“ Diaz is originally from Chicago, and currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has been an active member of the leather community since 2006. He started his journey at an early age and has had many positive experiences; always seeking to expand his knowledge. Wolfy Is always willing to help his community, when asked, whether or not the event is Leather related.

Wolfy was a proud member of IML Class 32, and in 2013 he was the tallymaster for Mister International Rubber(MIR), which introduced him to an entirely new, fun, and welcoming community. In 2016 he was honored with the Mr SECC Leather title.  Wolfy is honored to be returning to judge this years contest!