SECC Bootblack 2017

The Ms SECC Leather title is currently vacant.



The Fall Meeting of the SECC is being hosted by CLAWS of Myrtle Beach, SC, during their run, August 24 - 27, 2017. The Meeting will be held at Parliament Resort in Augusta, GA.


The Southeast Conference of Clubs has two conference wide events each year - a Spring Meeting and Fall Meeting - where conference issues such nominations and elections, and membership votes, are put before the membership. The exact date and time for the meetings are determined on a bid system - Each club or business member in the conference has the opportunity to showcase their own events by hosting the meeting.


Traditionally, the Spring Meeting is held on President's Day weekend in February, our last one was hosted by the CSRA Leather Bears, February 16-20, 2017. The Spring Meeting is also the location of the SECC Leather Contest. The Southeast Conference of Clubs produces three titles - they are Mr. SECC Leather, Ms. SECC Leather, and SECC Bootblack. These titleholders are selected to represent the SECC across the region, and they may compete at National and International level contests such as American Brotherhood Weekend, International Mr Leather, or International Ms Leather.


Our 2017 titleholders are:

Mr. SECC Leather 2017

Mailing Address


2300 Bethelview Rd., Ste 110-242

Cumming, GA 30040